How to Buy a Titan Pharmaceuticals Stock

Anavir Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company in the pharmaceuticals industry, is under scrutiny after a report in The Wall Street Journal showed that its stock price fell to a new low on Wednesday after the company’s chief executive officer, Andrew D. Dickson, resigned.Mr. Dickson is the latest of a number of executives to resign at the […]

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Which pharmaceutical stocks to buy in 2018?

The top 25 pharmaceutical companies in 2018 are revealed in Google News today.The list is broken down by company size, revenues, and revenue growth for the past five years.1.Regeneron Pharmaceuticals stock: $22.75 billion2.Titan Pharmaceuticals Stock: $18.75 bilion3.Marinus Pharmaceuticals: $16.15 billion4.Big Pharma (Pharmaceuticals): $15.80 billion5.Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Pharma): $13.75 millionThe biggest pharmaceutical companies on the list are […]

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Why it’s important to know your drugs

AUGUSTA, Maine (Reuters) – As the pharmaceutical industry fights off a series of new FDA regulations that would limit the price of some medicines, companies are trying to keep up with the pace of the competition and improve quality.A new study by researchers at the University of Maine shows that the pace is slowing down, […]

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