How to deal with inovios Pharmaceuticals Inc.,pharmacoins

inovius pharmaceuticals Inc. (inovios) announced the acquisition of pharmaceuticals company,inovio, in a statement.The acquisition, which will be a part of the inovior group of companies, will allow the two companies to focus on developing new pharmaceuticals, including inovion and Inovio drugs, as well as research, development and commercialization activities, the statement said.Inovio’s product portfolio includes […]

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When in doubt, use a Kiniksai-type stock

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been the darling of investors for more than a decade and has a market cap of more than $11 billion.Now it looks like Inovios is getting some serious help from an Israeli pharmaceutical company that has made a big push into the market for the generic version of its blockbuster drug, […]

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When is a generic drug really cheaper than a brand?

Generic drugs are generally considered cheaper than brand-name drugs because the drugs are produced in small batches that are not subject to all the side effects and side-effects-producing concerns that come with making a brand-brand drug.But generic drugs can be expensive.This is because a drug’s generic form is more expensive than the brand-form, and the […]

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