Why you should consider buying Dicernas drug stock

The Dicenas drug company has had a tough few months with a number of drugs going into the market that were not as anticipated.As part of its ongoing turnaround, Dicertas is also working to get rid of some older, non-essential products that are no longer necessary.Dicerca Pharmaceuticals has been doing the same for some of […]

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How to buy stocks in the wake of the Ebola pandemic

Bloomberg View article New Jersey’s New Jersey-based company zyduses Pharmaceuticals Inc. is one of a handful of pharmaceutical companies that have agreed to sell or divest stakes in at least four firms to help fight the virus.The move comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared a public health emergency in the state […]

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Theranos CEO predicts a $20 billion IPO in 2019

Theranos, the biotech company that is about to break ground on its $20-billion IPO, has its sights set on the big money in the pharmaceutical market, analysts said on Wednesday.“I would expect Theranos to have a significant market share in the pharma industry in 2019 and 2020,” said Peter M. Doshi, senior analyst at research […]

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