God is good for America: The Bible

I think God is very good for our country.God is helping us through the economy, but also through education, healthcare, and other areas.I think he is doing good things for us.I don’t think that’s going to change.It’s going for a long time.I just hope it stays that way.If it’s not, I’m going to have to […]

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Which pharmaceutical stocks to buy in 2018?

The top 25 pharmaceutical companies in 2018 are revealed in Google News today.The list is broken down by company size, revenues, and revenue growth for the past five years.1.Regeneron Pharmaceuticals stock: $22.75 billion2.Titan Pharmaceuticals Stock: $18.75 bilion3.Marinus Pharmaceuticals: $16.15 billion4.Big Pharma (Pharmaceuticals): $15.80 billion5.Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Pharma): $13.75 millionThe biggest pharmaceutical companies on the list are […]

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How a big pharma stock has grown to more than $US50 billion

Australian multinationals have jumped to a record high after a blockbuster drug company acquired a small Australian rival to its blockbuster drugs.Key points:The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is a government program that offers drug makers incentives for developing new medicinesA new group of drugs has hit the market in the hope of helping patients with cancerA […]

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Which are the top drugs that cost the most in America?

The drugs that are the most expensive for Americans to take and treat include:Cannabis: $7,722 per pillPharmaceuticals: $6,726 per pillDentals: $5,974 per toothNarcotics: $4,959 per pillTobacco: $3,621 per packAntibiotics: $2,788 per bottleAdderall: $1,907 per tabletAnabolic steroids: $930 per bottleDiet pills: $800 per pillDrugstore snacks: $600 per packetDrugstore candy: $300 per bottleAlcohol: $290 per bottleMarijuana: $265 […]

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A drug made by the world’s most famous drug company is finally ready to go into clinical trials

Emerald Health, the makers of the popular and widely used epinephrine auto-injector, has released the first-ever treatment for an epileptic condition known as refractory encephalopathy (FE), which affects about 20% of Americans.Emerald Health, which has a patent for the drug, will begin to distribute the EpiPen to patients this week, the company said.It also said […]

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