How to find the best price on generic drugs

By John MackeyThe most important thing to know about generic drugs is that they’re available almost everywhere.There’s no need to go anywhere and try to find a cheaper one.But it’s a huge problem.There are only so many generic drugs available in a given market, and you don’t always know which drugs are available where, and […]

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Kite Pharmaceuticals to release Kite in 2019

Kite Pharma is set to launch a capsule of its Kite pill next year, it was announced on Tuesday.The capsule will have a price of Rs 1,500 ($1,750), and will be available for purchase online from April 15.Kite Pharma, which is based in Bengaluru, India, has previously raised $10 million in funding from several investors, […]

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Glendale pharmaceuticals to acquire morton Grove pharmaceuticals

Glendale, CA (Crypto Coins News) The Glendale-based Glendale Pharmacy Corporation (GP) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Company’s Pharmaceuticals division.The acquisition, which will be completed in late 2019, will result in Glendale’s largest pharmaceuticals business ever and will be the largest pharma acquisition in the country.The agreement is […]

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How to be the girl in your life

Adare Pharmaceuticals is trying to make an artificial vagina, and the results are looking promising.The company, which is based in San Francisco, has developed a vaginal lubricant called Viva which it is testing in conjunction with a vagina clinic in New York City.The product, which has a pH range of 5 to 10, is available […]

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Madrigal Pharmaceuticals (MGR) is a pharmaceutical company, but it’s also a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine. Now the company is looking to grow its growth into a sustainable business.

The company is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the world, and has been working on a product that can be used to treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, reports Forbes.But Madrigals patented process, which uses a unique process called “bio-hacking,” has a huge potential to be used for other diseases.Madrigal said it has […]

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When is a generic drug really cheaper than a brand?

Generic drugs are generally considered cheaper than brand-name drugs because the drugs are produced in small batches that are not subject to all the side effects and side-effects-producing concerns that come with making a brand-brand drug.But generic drugs can be expensive.This is because a drug’s generic form is more expensive than the brand-form, and the […]

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