The prediction of IBM Watson has been a major hit among NBA fans, with the company recently predicting that Kevin Durant will win the Finals, LeBron James will win MVP and that Dwyane Wade will win two MVPs.

Now, the company has a new take on who will win this year’s NBA Finals, with IBM predicting that LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook will all win.

In a new article on its Watson Predictions website, the internet company said it will now predict which NBA teams will win next season. 

“The NBA will once again be the hottest sport on the planet, with more fans watching this year than ever before,” the company said.

“It will be no surprise that the NBA will have its strongest, most popular stars on their teams.

It will also be no shock to those of us who have been following this year for the past two years that the league will see its most entertaining stars, both superstars and rookies, compete for the titles of MVP and Most Improved Player.”

The league is on the cusp of a historic moment and it is imperative that we all remain focused on what matters, which is making the playoffs.

We know that no team can have a chance at winning the title, and so we are excited to share our predictions for the best teams and players in the NBA.

“We’ll begin with the 2016-17 season and predict who will be crowned champion.”

In an article entitled “The Best Teams and Players of 2016-2017”, the company added that “the NBA will likely be a playoff powerhouse in 2016-19, with several MVPs and Rookie of the Year candidates on each team”.

“We expect that the 2016 NBA champion will likely win the title for the second time in the past three years, as both Kevin Durant and LeBron James lead the way in the Western Conference,” the IBM Predictions site said.

The article then detailed how “the West” would be a “strong” region in the playoffs, with Kevin Durant leading the way as “The King”.

“The Warriors and Thunder will be the favorites in the West, as well as the Rockets and Jazz, with a pair of top-10 seed teams,” the article read.

“With a combination of elite talent, a deep team, and a balanced team that can win in bunches, the Warriors will likely become the most dominant team in the league.”

Durant and James are among the most highly touted rookies in the game and have the potential to become two of the most feared players in NBA history.””

The Thunder have been a team to watch this year, as they are set to take on the Warriors, Lakers and 76ers for the championship,” the site added.”

In the Western conference, the Spurs will continue to be the favorite, and they will be looking to make the finals, as their young core is one of the best in the sport.””

For the Lakers, a talented group of young players should challenge for the title as the team is expected to make a run in the top eight in the standings.””

Curry and James will continue their rivalry with the Warriors and the Thunder, with Curry leading the charge as the Warriors’ top scorer.

“Finally, the Jazz are expected to be a team that could have a lot of ups and downs, but the team will be strong in the second half of the season, as its young core of Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter and Gordon Hayward Jr are looking to win a championship,” it continued. 

The article concluded by saying “we look forward to seeing how the season will go, as we know that the top teams in the conference will all make their playoff debuts, while the other teams will be struggling for the rest of the year.” 

The predictions are based on the latest statistical analysis, which can be found on IBM Watson’s Predictions platform, which the company released earlier this month. 

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