The Government is on course to deliver a fibre NBN in the coming years, with the Federal Government today announcing that the Government will deliver a 100Mbps broadband download speed.

The NBN rollout will start in 2018, with rollout expected to be completed by 2020.

The Government says that NBN Co will deliver 100Mbps speeds to every premises and every customer.

“We’re confident that our fibre network is the most secure and reliable in the world and will deliver the speeds that Australians expect from a national broadband network,” NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow said.

“By working closely with NBN Co and other industry partners, the Government is ensuring the most up-to-date technology and network is in place.”NBN Co is the only company in Australia that provides 100Mbps services, but the Government says it will offer a 100-Mbps service to other parts of the country.

Mr Morrow said the Government would continue to invest in the NBN, which he said was “going to deliver great benefits to Australians”.

“This is a key part of our strategy for a smarter, fairer and more secure future for Australia,” he said.

He said that while the Government did not expect to achieve 100Mbps in a short time, it was confident it could achieve speeds of up to 30Mbps.

“The Government has been very clear that we will continue to make the NBN a cornerstone of our national infrastructure,” Mr Morrow said, adding that the NBN would provide more jobs, improve services and provide more opportunities for Australians to live and work.

“With the rollout of NBN Co’s 100Mbps service, the Australian people will now have the most-secure, fastest and most-effective national broadband system in the country,” he added.

Mr Morneau said that the 100Mbps fibre service would be “the most secure” in the industry.

“As a leader in the Australian telecommunications industry, NBN Co has been the lead proponent of the NBN and its fibre network, delivering a secure, high-quality service to Australians,” he told a press conference.

The Government says the 100Mb download speed will be achieved using a new generation of equipment, which is being used in the US and the US has also announced that it will also be deploying 100Mbps download speeds.

“Our 100Mbps speed will deliver faster speeds and a better user experience than any other Australian broadband service,” Mr Morneau added.

He says the Government has spent more than $1 billion to build the NBN to “enable 100Mbps internet speeds for our citizens and businesses”.

“Our broadband investment will make our country a truly global economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs,” Mr Moulton said.

But critics have warned that the rollout could put some people off the NBN.

“It’s a massive upgrade for the country but it’s also a huge risk for our national broadband and that is going to affect some people, but it will be the majority of people,” Communications Minister Stephen Conroy told ABC Radio Melbourne today.

“What I’m really keen on is that we do it in a way that delivers the benefits of 100Mbps for every home, for every premises, for all Australians.”

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