India-born Bhartic Airtels chief executive officer Ajay Bhartia says the company is looking to expand its business in India to boost its exposure to a rapidly expanding market.

Bhartiya said the company will invest $10 billion in eisay, a biotechnology firm focused on providing medicines and biosimilars to Indian patients.

He says eisa will be one of the first in the market to offer biosimilar treatments for common conditions.

Bhairava Bhattacharya, Bhartie’s executive vice president, said the investments are in line with the company’s strategic focus on providing healthcare services to Indian consumers.

“India is an emerging market, so it is crucial that we invest in our business, which will drive growth and enhance the brand awareness of our brand and the company,” he said.

Bhartsay has already announced a plan to invest up to $50 billion in healthcare in India over the next decade.