You may have seen Adamis’ stock skyrocket in value this week.

Adamis was up 5.4% in early trading on Wednesday morning, according to FactSet, an online data provider.

But Adamis has had some setbacks over the last few years.

The company said in April that it would sell its pharmaceutical division.

The following month, Adamis reported a loss of $1.2 billion for the year.

A new CEO was hired to run the company.

Adamists shares were up nearly 7% on Wednesday.

Adamist is one of the world’s largest drugmakers, and it’s been a big player in the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, Adamists stock has more than doubled since it reported the first quarter earnings in August, according the company’s website.

Adamiss stock is up nearly 20% since the company was spun off in 2015.

The stock rose nearly 40% in 2017, but has since fallen in the last several quarters.

Adamisen stock is down more than 10% over the past three quarters, and has lost more than 40% of its value since last year.