Aerie Pharmaceuticals (Aer) is one of the best-performing stocks in the stock market, but how is its stock compare with the other stocks?

RTE investigates.

article Share this article Share Share The stock price of Aerie Pharma is the highest in the market, according to analysts at Goldman Sachs.

This is a good sign, given the recent sell-off of the stock price, which is down 25% in 2017.

However, the analysts have said that it is not clear whether the stock is in the right trajectory.

Analysts believe that Aerie is likely to fall further in the coming months and that it may need to raise money to offset the drop in its stock price.

The stock fell by almost 9% in January after the pharmaceutical company was found to have mismanaged its own finances.

Areca’s stock price is also at the bottom of the list of pharma stocks.

This includes the big four, including the big six: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Pfizer (PFE), Novartis (NVS), AstraZeneca (AZA).

Areca is one such company that has had a good run of performance, although its performance has been very low, according of analysts.

According to Goldman Sachs, Aerie’s stock has been the best performer of the big pharma companies since the start of the year.

Arecas share price has fallen by nearly 5% since December, while the share price of all the other big pharmas has risen by almost 5%.

However, there is no consensus on whether the stocks have been in a strong position or a poor position.

Areacs share price is currently around the average of the other pharma share prices, which are all in the 20% to 30% range.

Areas performance has also been low compared to the other large pharma groups, but the share prices of those big companies are also low.

Arecia shares are up by over 6% since the end of December, which shows that the stock has benefitted from the weak performance of the pharma group.

Area shares have also performed well in the recent period, but they are at the lower end of the scale, as the share market is currently trading below the 50-day moving average.

Arecis share price was up 2.3% since November, but it has fallen in the past two months by more than 4%.

Goldman Sachs says that the low share price could reflect an overreaction to the recent news of Arecas alleged mismanagement of its finances, but that it has been a strong performance over the last year.

This suggests that the company is not in a bad position to recover from its problems, given that its stock is up by about 6%.

Areca shares are also in the 50% to 60% range, according the analysts.

Arecs performance is also low compared with other large companies.

This has been reflected in the performance of other stocks in its class.

Arecca is currently up by 5.5% in the last two months.

In 2018, the stock had fallen by 4.8%.

The reason for this, according Goldman Sachs is that Areca has a strong balance sheet, which includes a large amount of debt, according analysts.

This also means that the share is well protected from the possible losses of the company, and there is an opportunity for the company to increase its earnings from selling its stock.

Areac is also currently at the low end of its range, as it has a balance sheet of about €1.3bn, according its analysts.

The reason is that the shares have been very cheap for a while, and Arecas stock price has been below the average price of other large stocks.

Areces stock price dropped by 5% in December and is now trading around the median price of the next five largest stocks in Europe.

Arece’s share price fell by 2.8% in 2018, but is currently down by almost 7%.

Areces share price peaked in February 2018, at about €4.8bn, but has since fallen by about 7% since then.

This indicates that Areces stock is on the wrong track, according that its share price did not recover from the recent decline.

Arecies share price also fell by 6.6% in November and is currently at around the low point of its past performance.

Arecos share price dipped by 6% in February and is at the end point of the current performance.

In 2017, the share had fallen 11.5%, and in 2018 it fell by 3.5%.

Goldman notes that Arecia is one big player in the pharmaceuticals market, and the company has done very well.

The company has benefited from the relatively cheap price of its shares, which has helped it to achieve profits of over €500m, which was a record for the pharmaceutical companies in the first half of 2018