A Melbourne woman is pleading for the public’s help to find her daughter’s dead body after she says she took an opioid overdose on the weekend.

The 31-year-old woman was last seen by a relative on Sunday.

Her family said they were in the process of getting a search warrant to look into the matter but she had not been seen since.

“She had no phone, no bank accounts, no email and no social media account,” her mother, Samantha, said.

“It just doesn’t add up.”

Ms O’Leary said her daughter had been in a relationship with her partner and that they had moved into an apartment.

She said her mother was also taking medication for depression and anxiety and was in a stable condition in a psychiatric hospital.

“We were looking for her for the weekend and she just left and never came back,” Ms O’Brien said.”[It] just seems like she was not doing anything.”

I just don’t understand what happened.

“Ms Criven, who is not named in court documents, has since taken a drug called diazepam to treat anxiety and depression.

Her mother said she was at home on Monday, and was still in hospital.

She was last contacted by police on Tuesday morning.”

They are working on getting a warrant and they’re going to try and find her,” she said.

Police said Ms Crivel’s car was found in her driveway on Tuesday, with a number plate that appeared to be her car.”

Her car was in the driveway and they had to do a search and they found a number of packages on the porch,” a spokeswoman for Melbourne police said.

The search warrant was not issued until Wednesday morning, the spokeswoman said.

Ms O ‘Leary’s mother said her family had been trying to track down Ms Crounger’s phone and bank account since the weekend, but had been unsuccessful.”

To this day, we’re just hoping that someone will come forward and tell us what happened,” she told the ABC.”

For us, we just want her to come home.

“There’s nothing more that we can do.

It’s really just a case of us being desperate.”

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