The top 25 pharmaceutical companies in 2018 are revealed in Google News today.

The list is broken down by company size, revenues, and revenue growth for the past five years.1.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals stock: $22.75 billion2.

Titan Pharmaceuticals Stock: $18.75 bilion3.

Marinus Pharmaceuticals: $16.15 billion4.

Big Pharma (Pharmaceuticals): $15.80 billion5.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Pharma): $13.75 millionThe biggest pharmaceutical companies on the list are all on the same page, with no major discrepancies in revenues or revenue growth.

The biggest surprise is Pfizer, which still has a slight lead over all other companies on this list.

But as it continues to expand its portfolio of medicines, the company’s earnings are rising, so it is a strong buy for anyone looking for solid growth.1 of 7 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × Top 10 drugs in 2018 View PhotosThe top 10 drugs are listed by revenue and market capitalization for the last five years, as reported by the companies.

The most popular drugs are highlighted in green.

2 of 7 View PhotosA look at some of the best-selling drugs in 2017, with the biggest drug spendings, revenue per user and sales per billion of the year.

3 of 7 Loading Loading In the second quarter of 2018, Regeneron reported a loss of $5.9 billion, a drop of 17% from the year before.

The company says it was impacted by “lower than expected results from the U.S. National Institutes of Health-supported clinical trial and other events.”4 of 7 In this Jan. 5, 2018, file photo, a patient sits on a table at the Johnson & Johnson Medical Center in New York.

This is the first time that Johnson &amps; Johnson has reported a profit in more than a year.

It was the first drug company in the history of Johnson & amp; Johnson to report profit since 2008.5 of 7 The company said it expects to make a profit for the year ending March 2019.

However, it does not break down its results or revenue per unit of sales by company.

The numbers don’t include revenue generated from drug sales from branded and generic drugs.6 of 7 Pfizer reported a quarterly loss of nearly $3.3 billion, or $11.60 per share.

The pharmaceuticals company said its revenue from branded drug sales rose 20% to $13 billion.7 of 7 For the first three quarters of 2018 the company had a net loss of about $1.1 billion.

That came as the company was battling a deadly coronavirus outbreak, including the deaths of more than 500 people.

Pfizer also reported a 7% increase in net income from branded drugs, but not from generic drugs, as its branded drugs accounted for more than half of its revenues.8 of 7 On Jan. 20, Pfizer said it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The drug maker said it plans to continue its efforts to address the company-wide challenges, including cost and other pressures.9 of 7 As part of its efforts, Pfizers stock has risen 10% this year.

That includes a 14% increase over the past three years.10 of 7