As the world’s drugmakers struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing price of drugs, they have found a way to get ahead by offering drugs at discounts, and at lower prices.

Avion Pharmaceutical, the company behind generics of the best-selling generic versions of some of the most common medicines sold around the world, said it is set to release its first branded version of a generic drug, salix, in 2017.

The brand-name version will be available at $60 a month for the first year and then will be priced at $40 a month, the same price as a branded version, the brand-new Avion Pharma said.

The company said it will also offer salix at cheaper prices to doctors, hospitals and other providers, while it will continue to offer generics at the same prices to all its customers.

Salix is one of the few generic versions on the market that is cheaper than the brand version, said David Kohn, the CEO of Avion.

It’s cheaper because it’s cheaper to make, cheaper to manufacture, cheaper on the shelf and more affordable for patients, Kohn said.

Salax, which is an AAV-3b (anti-parasitic) medication that is used to treat a rare form of blood cancer called an alveolar melanoma, has been available at lower drug prices for years.

But the company has made the drug more affordable by offering generic versions.

The new version of salix will be sold at a price of $35 a month and will be cheaper to the average patient, Avion said.

It will be also more affordable to the company’s partners, Kornfeld said.

In addition to reducing the cost of drug purchases, the new salix version of the drug is also cheaper than a branded salix that was available at a higher price last year, Kitzinger said.

Kohn said Avion is also looking to reduce costs by making changes to its marketing and sales strategies.

Kitzinger noted that Avion and other generic drugmakers that sell at a lower price have seen some success with such pricing changes.

Avion will be offering the salix generic version of its drug for about a year after the branded version is available, the pharmaceutical company said.

Avion will also be selling a brand-like version of that drug for $40 to $50 a month.

Kraftsang Medica is also planning to release generic versions at a reduced price for a year, but Kitzner said it has not yet decided whether it will offer the drug at that lower price.

The cost of making salix drugs is a challenge, said Matthew Egan, a professor of medicine at New York University.

But he said that the cost is also a benefit because it reduces the amount of time it takes to test the drugs and increase the likelihood that the drug will be effective, particularly in patients with serious health conditions.

“It’s a nice benefit because if you’re on the road, you’re not always going to get a chance to do it in a timely manner,” Egan said.