A new batch of biohazards drugs are set to be released by a US pharmaceutical giant this week, with a new strain of the deadly drug dubbed the BioHazards® brand.

According to BioHax, which markets the brand, the Biohazars are “a safer, more effective and more effective formulation for use by adults and children who have seizures.”

The new strain, known as BioHAXA, is a “molecular-targeted drug for the treatment of seizures,” BioHaven CEO Peter DeSantis told reporters Thursday.

The new formulation is a combination of a “targeted gene-based inhibitor,” called a microRNA-based microinjection, and a “viral vector” which will help it “to penetrate the cytoplasmic membrane of the brain.”

According to the BioShields, the new microRNA vector is a protein that will target the microRNA genes that control seizure activity.

“We believe this vaccine will offer unprecedented protection for patients with chronic epilepsy, while at the same time, delivering a very safe, effective, and clinically effective treatment for children with seizures,” DeSantsons statement read.

BioHax is the latest in a string of big pharmaceutical companies to release products containing the MicroRNA-vector microRNA microinjector technology.

In January, Johnson & Johnson announced the first-ever drug for children and adults with seizures that uses the technology.

The company is also the first to launch the first commercially available “treatable” drug containing a gene-targeting microRNA vaccine for children.

Earlier this month, Pfizer announced a new gene-editing vaccine to treat pediatric epilepsy.

The biohax strain has also been used in an experimental drug for Parkinson’s disease and another in children with autism spectrum disorder.

In May, BioHexas parent company GlaxoSmithKline announced that it had made a “comprehensive” analysis of the gene-edited version of the Biohaazards vaccine, the first of its kind.

The newly released BioHazard vaccine is being marketed as the “World’s First Epilepsy-Specific Vaccine.”