The biggest problem with smartphones is the sheer number of apps that you have to download.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about this as the latest version of the Android operating system allows you to use your phone as a portable charger.

Read moreThe best apps for Android phonesThe most popular apps for phones are not as advanced as they are for tablets, which means that many of the best features of a phone are not available in the desktop version.

So you can’t expect to find all the best apps when you download them from the Google Play Store.

Instead, you can use the Android system as a way to make the most of your phone’s capabilities.

We’re going to look at the apps that are the best in the Android smartphone world, from the most advanced to the simplest.

Read more about phonesThe easiest way to use a phone as an external chargerYou might think that your phone would be the easiest way for you to recharge your phone, but it is actually not.

While most phones are fairly powerful, they require a lot of power and have a lot to do with the battery.

The more you use your device, the more power it will require, so it is better to keep it as simple as possible.

There are a few ways to use phones as external chargers.

You can either connect it to your computer and run apps, or you can connect it directly to your phone using USB cables.

The most common way to connect a phone to your PC is to use an Ethernet cable or WiFi.

The other most common is to run a USB cable to your smartphone’s power supply.

Both methods will provide a short cable to connect your phone to a computer.

Connecting your phone directly to a USB port will allow you to connect the phone to the computer and to a wireless network.

Connecting your smartphone directly to the power supply is not the best way to recharge it because it requires a lot more power.

But if you can run apps from the phone, the phone will charge quickly and you will be able to get up to 30 minutes of use out of your battery.

Another way to charge your phone is to power it directly from a USB battery.

This requires a bit more effort to set up, but once you have it working you will have much less worry about using it as an internal charger.

The same goes for a wireless connection to your device.

Both of these methods are much simpler than connecting a phone directly.

So what are some of the easiest ways to charge a phone?

Here are some apps that will make your life easier.