La Jollis Pharmaceuticals (LJN) has been making a name for itself as one of the most innovative drug companies in the industry.

The company has recently been looking to increase its exposure by selling off its smaller stake in the biopharmaceuticals company.

As part of its efforts, the company has agreed to sell its 20% stake in Biogen Idec (BIV), the company that makes the cancer treatment paclitaxel.LJNs deal with Biogen is part of a broader trend that has seen drug companies try to cash in on the growth of the biotechnology and pharma industries.

In order to get more money from these companies, the companies are often looking to leverage their expertise in the fields of medicine and technology.

The companies aim to capitalize on this expertise by buying into the biomedicine and pharmabiotic sectors.

The deal with the Biogen, however, is an interesting one.

LJN is also a shareholder of the company, so this deal could mean more opportunities for the company.

LJDN is currently valued at $14.8 billion, but if the deal goes through, it could potentially increase that value by as much as $2 billion, which would mean a huge upside for the stock.

The Biogen acquisition could also open up a lot of potential for LJNs future deals.

The biotechnology company is already investing in other drug companies and other biotech startups, and could look to capitalize further on its expertise in this area.

The drug company also is one of a few biotech companies that have been targeting smaller companies, and that could be something that LJDNs deals with Biogenesis could benefit from.

Ljn has been looking for ways to expand its position in the medical industry in recent years, and has been able to do so by buying smaller companies.

For instance, it has recently purchased the pharmaceutical company Biogen in a deal that valued the company at $12 billion.

It has also recently taken an interest in another small biotech company, the startup Epi-Link, which has grown into a major player in the health care industry.

In addition to its smaller investments, LJDn also has its eye on acquiring companies that it thinks could become important to the biotech industry.

LJBN has been heavily focusing on acquiring smaller companies in recent months, and the Biogenesis acquisition could further that trend.

In terms of LJDns next round, this deal should have the potential to do more than just increase its value.

As with any deal with a larger company, LJn is looking to gain a position in that larger company’s portfolio, and its next move will likely be to increase the value of its stake in that company.

This is just one of many deals that LJns is looking into for its next funding round.

LJJN has also previously been working on acquiring more of its own investments in pharmaceutical companies.

This deal could allow LJNS to leverage its own expertise in medicine and biotechnology, which could potentially benefit it in future deals with pharmaceutical companies and companies that are looking to acquire biotech companies.