In the wake of the recent events in Flint, Michigan, and the national outcry over the toxic water crisis, many consumers are turning to online pharmacies for the cheapest generic medicine they can find.

In the case of ampio, it’s a drug called Amgen Pharmaceuticals that has quickly taken over the pharmacy business.

As the company is owned by drugmaker Pfizer, it has become a darling of pharmaceutical companies, especially after it announced it will be the first pharma company to make a clinical trial of the drug in the US.

It’s a big deal because ampio is already on the market in several other countries.

But ampio has a lot of competitors in the drug business.

One of them is the brand-name drug, Zohydro, which has been used for decades as an emergency medicine to treat the symptoms of various types of cancer.

The generic version of Zohydros is called Nexium, and it’s often prescribed to people who have been diagnosed with certain types of brain tumors, such as gliomas.

Zohydra has already been approved for use in the United States, but only for people who are 65 or older and who have had brain tumors diagnosed in the last six months.

Ampio, which was developed by the British drug company Pfizer’s Bristol-Myers Squibb, has already received approval from the FDA.

In addition to its ability to treat cancer, ampio also has the potential to help people with other chronic illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis, and can help prevent heart attacks.

This past week, the company announced it was launching a clinical trials to evaluate the drug’s efficacy in people with rheumatic diseases.

So far, ampios efficacy has been compared to Zohydroc and Nexium and it looks like it has a very good chance of getting approved.

“I think the excitement is at an all-time high,” said Dr. Daniel Siegel, chief medical officer at Pfizer.

“It’s certainly a very exciting opportunity to be part of, and I think we’re going to see ampio as the first of many new treatments that we may see for these diseases in the future.”

It’s important to note that ampio’s potential benefits extend beyond cancer.

“Amgen is the only company that has already used ampio to treat patients with rhabdomyolysis, which is a form of rhabdo, a form that can be very aggressive and destructive,” said Siegel.

“There are a number of other medications out there, but ampio offers a much better safety profile and we think that will be a big benefit for patients.”

The study of ampios effectiveness was led by Dr. Robert Mather, professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins University and director of the Johns Hopkins Neurogenetics Institute.

“We found that the most common adverse event, including death, was mild, which makes it very promising,” he said.

“The drug is very effective and the most important thing is that it is very safe.”

According to the FDA, ampiodo is not intended to treat any specific disease.

“In terms of the potential of the new drug, it is being evaluated in a very small number of people, and we have no information about whether it will work for other types of rheumatism,” said Andrew W. Tashkin, deputy commissioner of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

“What we do know is that the FDA is very cautious in approving drugs with such short safety periods.”

This past fall, the FDA issued a request for proposal (RFP) for ampio for cancer patients.

If approved, it will likely take up to six years to make it to clinical trials.

“This is an exciting opportunity for people in the field of medicine, especially as we move towards an era of personalized medicine, but also for the broader medical community and the pharmaceutical industry,” said Richard G. Tisch, president of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

“For those who have used ampios, I can’t say how impressed I am by the quality of the studies and the quality assurance of the results.”

With the approval, Pfizer expects to bring the drug to the US in 2019, with plans to make ampio available in the European Union and Japan by 2020.

This is not the first time Pfizer has partnered with an online pharmacy.

It also partnered with pharmacy company Rite Aid in 2013 for a similar trial.

“Ritale’s R&O network is an invaluable resource for both drug development and manufacturing, and our partnership with Pfizer will help accelerate the development of new ampio medicines for people suffering from serious illnesses,” said Andrea Ritter, president and CEO of Rite Aid.

“Through this collaboration, we will be able to develop and test more ampio therapies and support the development and clinical trials of other ampio-based drugs.”

As for why Pfizer is partnering with ampio and not other generics, it may have something to do