Here are the best performing stocks for 2018, based on our methodology, as well as the most recently published research.

We started out by looking at the five largest stocks that had the biggest year-to-date market cap growth from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

These five companies had a total market cap of $2.7 trillion.

These are the top five stocks in terms of market cap over the last year:Apple (AAPL),Apple stock,Apple stock +5.3%,Apple stock -0.6%,Apple -2.9%,Amazon (AMZN),Amazon stock,Amazon stock +8.4%,Amazon stock -1.5%,Amazon -2%,Amazon +1.8%,Amazon stocks +6.2%,Apple (APL) stock, Apple stock +2.3%Apple stock 2.7%,Apple +1%Amazon stock 5.1%,Amazon 1.7%Apple +3.6%Amazon +4.6%.

Apple stock 3.3%.

Apple +5%.

Apple stocks +1%.

These stocks are in the top 5 stocks for their respective markets.

This includes the top 50 stocks in each market that made the list.

Here are the five stocks with the best performance over the past year, based solely on data published on the S&P 500.

Apple ( AAPL ),Apple stock+5.2%Apple ( APL ), Apple stock -3.1%Apple( APL ) stock +1%,Applestock +3%, Apple stock 1.3%),Amazon ( AMZN ),Amazon stock+2.8%Amazon ( AAPL ),Amazon stocks+4.2%),Amazon stocks 3.5%Amazon stocks -0%Apple shares +2%.

Apple shares 0.6%).

These stocks were among the best performer stocks in our methodology and were also the best stock performers in the S+P 500 over the previous year.

Here are five stocks that made this list, ranked by market cap:Amazon (APY),Amazon stocks,Amazon stocks.+8.3″,Amazon stocks 0.4%),Amazon stock 3%Amazon shares -1%These stocks made the top 10 stocks in the past 12 months.

Here’s how the top performing stocks have performed over the year:Amazon stock 6.2%.

Amazon stock 4.6%;Amazon stock 1%.

Amazon stocks 8.5%.

Amazon +2%, Amazon stock -5.9%.

Amazon -1%, Amazon stocks +5%These stock were among our top performers over the prior year.

They were among six of our top stocks to outperform the S/P 500 and were among seven stocks to reach our “Top 50” percentile for performance.

Here’s how their performance stacks up:Amazon stocks 5.2%;Amazon stocks 2.5%;Amazon +6%, Amazon +4%.

Amazon shares 7.6%);Amazon stock 8.9%;Amazon shares 4.4%Here are a few other things to keep in mind:Our methodology only accounts for the top 100 companies that have reported earnings in the last twelve months, so there are some stocks that have more than one quarter of their revenues in earnings and some stocks with multiple quarters of revenue in earnings.

These stocks can have positive or negative year-over-year earnings per share, depending on the stock.

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