IGN is happy to announce that Ayala has made some major announcements on the horizon for the upcoming year, including an initial round of funding for a Phase III study of its new Vanda® drug.

The company says the new Phase III trial is designed to test Vanda as an adjunct to the standard of care for people with metastatic melanoma.

The company says that Vanda is currently undergoing clinical trials and is currently being used to treat patients who are experiencing significant progression and are in the early stages of disease progression.

In addition to its clinical trial, Ayala is currently working with the FDA on a second Phase III clinical trial.

The new study is being conducted to determine if Vanda can reduce the need for a second round of cancer chemotherapy and to determine whether it can reduce side effects of chemotherapy in people with relapsed disease.

While the FDA is still working on Phase III approval, Ayla says that it has begun to see an increase in patients requesting Vanda.

The treatment is already available to a number of patients with relapsing-remitting multiple myeloma and in-network with a number who are being treated for breast and colon cancer.

The FDA has yet to rule out approval for the treatment in those patients, but Ayala says that the company is already seeing an increase of patients requesting the treatment.

If approved, Ayalas drug would be available in 2019.

Vanda is an advanced treatment for patients with metastasis of melanoma that has spread to surrounding tissues and that has caused an increase, in some cases a doubling, in the risk of recurrence.

The drug, which is also used for patients who have been diagnosed with metastases of other types of cancer, has been tested extensively in patients with various cancers.

Ayala’s Vanda was the first drug approved by the FDA to treat this type of cancer.