Supernurture drugs are not the only way to fight infections.

Now, a new batch of drugs has been developed to treat infections caused by the coronavirus.

The medicines work by attacking the virus, which causes the body to release large amounts of antibodies.

The new treatments are made up of the first of a series of drugs to target the virus’s viral receptors.

The drugs target an enzyme called the CXCR4 receptor, which is part of the immune system.

Scientists believe the CCR4 pathway may be able to control viral infections because it is thought to have an impact on immune system cells.

Dr Paul Sturgis, a specialist in molecular virology at the University of Cambridge, said: “These drugs have been shown to work by targeting the receptors that are located on the outer surface of the virus.”

We think these drugs will be very useful in treating people with coronaviral infections.

“In addition to tackling infections caused at home, coronaviruses are spreading in areas where the immune systems have been weakened.

Professor SturgIS said:”The new drugs target the Ccr4 receptor which can be a very important part of how our immune system works.”

Dr Tom Stoddart, who is the chief scientific officer at British pharmaceutical company Oxitec, said the drugs could potentially reduce the spread of coronavire.He said: