Citrix has just received approval to license the first biosimilar drug, the Cetuximab, from a leading biotech firm to treat severe autoimmune diseases.

The drug was developed by the San Diego-based biotech company, which is working with a number of US and European pharmaceutical companies, and will be licensed to Citrix and its partners in April.

Citrix CEO Mark D. Kroll said the biosimilar will help accelerate the company’s efforts to address the “urgent need” for better drug development and development of new treatments for chronic and inflammatory conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and asthma.

Cetux was developed for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes in adults and Type 1 diabetes in children, but its approval marks a significant step forward for the company.

Cetix has been in the spotlight over the past year as it faces intense scrutiny over its use of biotechnology to treat serious, life-threatening diseases.

Citicrix, which has been the focus of intense scrutiny since a spate of deadly incidents and incidents involving the company have sparked widespread concern about the safety of its products, has taken a number, but not all, of the blame.

The company, however, has been under fire for failing to disclose the nature of its drug in a timely manner, for failing a series of safety reviews, and for failing two tests on its drug that were deemed inadequate.

Kroll said Ceteximab was developed in partnership with a leading drug discovery company in collaboration with a team of world-class clinical scientists and drug engineers from a wide range of leading academic institutions.

Ceximax will be the first drug to be approved for the specific type of autoimmune diseases Cexis has seen in its patients, and is the first product in its class to be licensed by the FDA to address these specific chronic and/or inflammatory conditions.

Cexis, which had a market value of $1.5 billion at the end of April, has a global market value exceeding $30 billion, according to Bloomberg data.

In May, it announced it had raised $15 million in new funding, including $5 million from the U.S. biotech venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners, which invested $2.6 million in the company in 2016.

The new biosimilar was approved under a license agreement that allows Citrix to license its technology to a number or companies that have agreed to license or license Cexiqum, Cexiximax, or any other Cexus biosimilar.

The license terms, which were not disclosed by Citrix, allow for the transfer of Cexicab to Citixis.

The company said in a press release that the company is committed to expanding its pipeline of medicines for the Cexius population, and to improving the efficacy and safety of Cetoximab.

Cixis biosimilars will be available through its own retail network, Citrix said, and it is working to ensure that all Cexibes patients have access to their new medication.

Cicixis announced in January that it had completed a $30 million round of funding led by venture capital firms Sequoia Capital, Benchmark Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which includes billionaire Marc Andreessen and tech entrepreneur Vinod Khosla.

Cresco Ventures is also part of the fund, which also includes Sequoias former chairman, Michael Dell.

Cixis has a number products that are currently available in the United States.

Its most well-known drug, Cetax, is currently available through the Crescos generic drug pipeline and is available through some US pharmacies.

It is also available as a pre-loaded, non-prescription drug through pharmacies in other countries.

Cesium Pharmaceuticals also has a Cexxis drug available through generic channels, and the company also recently announced a partnership with Citrix in which Citrix will offer Cetxa as an off-label generic drug in the U:P.

Cuxximax is also an off label generic drug that Citrix is not selling to the public.