With more than 100,000 cases of COPD among kids in the U.S. this year, the pandemic is on everyone’s minds.

The problem is, the drugs that doctors are prescribing are expensive.

The latest estimate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that a new class of inhaler that can be administered for only a few minutes is about $3,000 more than the asthma inhaler most kids have access to.

Now, a new drug is promising to make that problem go away.

A pandemic-ready drug The new drug, called ARV-19, is a new type of inhalation drug that can treat COPD, a condition that affects about 5 million Americans.

This drug is designed to help with breathing problems, such as wheezing and coughing, as well as breathing difficulties that occur when the lung muscles are exhausted.

It is also designed to treat other lung conditions, such the pneumonia that occurs with COPDs, said Dr. Joseph W. McDaniel, an asthma specialist at the University of South Florida School of Medicine.

ARV is an inhalation pill, which means it comes into contact with the air.

The pill is injected into the lungs with a needle, which is attached to a pump.

The drug travels to the lungs through the nose and into the bloodstream, where it is absorbed by the body.

The inhaler itself is made of a polymer.

It has the same chemical structure as the inhaler used to treat COPDs.

But instead of just being made of plastic and plastic-like material, it is made up of a thin layer of a new chemical called ceramides.

These ceramide layers are very different from other plastics used to make inhalers, and they help seal the air in the lungs to help protect the lungs.

“This is one of the very first drugs designed specifically to address COPD,” said Dr McDaniel.

This new drug has been approved for the treatment of COPDs and other respiratory conditions.

It has already been approved in the United States, and it has been shown to reduce the amount of COVID-19-causing COX-2 cells in patients with COPDS.

It’s also a bit more potent than a typical COVID inhaler, which can only be administered about 15 minutes.

It lasts for two weeks.

ARV-20 could also have wider application in the future, according to Dr McJones.

The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has already developed an inhaler to treat a similar condition called COPD-like symptoms, and a similar device has been made to treat respiratory conditions in children.

The new inhaler could also be used to help treat COPDS in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which causes airway obstruction.

In addition to asthma and COPD cases, COPD is also linked to stroke and heart disease.

The National Institutes of Health has estimated that COPD causes about 8.5 million deaths in the US, and more than 1 million of those are linked to COPDs alone.