The most profitable companies in the global pharmaceutical industry are based in China, according to a new report released Tuesday.

The research firm IHS Markit, which is based in New York, has compiled a list of the world’s 100 most profitable pharmaceutical companies based on gross profits.

Among the top 10 were AstraZeneca ($1.8 billion), Bristol-Myers Squibb ($1 billion), Pfizer ($1 trillion), Eli Lilly ($1,200 billion), Roche ($1 million) and Novartis ($1 mil).

It’s not clear how the rankings were calculated, but the report cites data from Forbes and FactSet.

The Forbes list is based on a weighted average of the companies’ net sales from 2011 to 2021.

The rankings are based on the company’s total annual revenue, or revenue in the most recent year.

Here are the top 100 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, according the report: * The United Kingdom-based Astra Zeneca (ASX: AST) is the top performing drug company globally, with a net revenue of $1.7 billion, followed by Astra Biosciences ($1b), Pfiser ($1billion), Pfizsar (pfizs) ($1bn), Eli Lily ($1million) and Astra BioPharma ($1m).

* The European pharmaceutical company Novartism ($1tr) has a net profit of $821 million, followed closely by Asta Biopharma ($800 million), Pfisar ($622m) and Roche ($570m).* The Chinese pharmaceutical company Cogeco Pharma ($1n) has the second-largest market share, but is not listed in the Forbes list.

It has a market capitalization of $2.4 billion.

* The Japanese pharmaceutical company Nankai Pharmaceuticals ($1) has one of the lowest market share of any of the pharmaceutical companies on the list, but it is valued at $1 billion.

The company’s sales of ¥1.9 trillion are in line with those of Novartic.

* Astra Biotech ($1B) has earned $1bn in revenue from drug development, while Novartes (NYSE: Novart) has made about $1billion from drug sales.

* Pfizer’s sales for fiscal year 2021 of $9.7 trillion are the largest in the industry.

* Roche’s annual revenue of ¥20.9 billion is the fifth largest in its industry.

The US-based Johnson & Johnson ($2.3B) is at the top of the list.

Its gross margin is about 35%, and its gross margin share is just under 25%.

It’s also one of only three pharmaceutical companies to have an annual gross profit of over $1 trillion, the other two being Roche and Pfizer.