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Amitav Pharmaceuticals says it will be buying all the patents on the cancer drug ibuprofen from Amag Pharmaceuticals

Amitav Pharma announced it has purchased all the patent rights on the Ibuprofen brand from Amags Pharmacia Inc. for $2.7 billion, with a $2 million option to buy all the remaining patents for the drug from Amagi, which acquired the rights in October 2016.Amagi will be Amag’s exclusive international drug development company and will continue […]

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How to save money on your medical bills

Some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies have been hit by a global recession and a drop in demand for their products.But what can you do about it?Read moreA global slump in drug sales has forced the pharmaceutical industry to scale back its investments in research and development, making it harder for it to produce […]

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How to beat the Ironwood pharmaceutical stock market

If you’ve ever tried to purchase an ironwood pharmaceutical, you’re likely to encounter a confusing array of confusing terms.Ironwood, for example, is the name of an iron ore producer and the largest of its kind in the world, with an annual production of approximately 10 million tons.Iron, in contrast, is a generic term for a […]

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Why Kodak Pharmaceuticals stock has lost more than $5 billion

KODAK (AP) — A pharmaceutical company that once boasted of producing the world’s first electronic cigarette is losing billions of dollars after a series of stock price swings.The stock in Kodak has lost nearly $5.8 billion since 2009, according to Thomson Reuters data.The company had about 1.7 million shares outstanding at the close Wednesday.KODAYS stock […]

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